Volunteers install a new bridge in Capitol State Forest.

Thank you to everyone who contributed your volunteer stories. This forum is now closed.

DNR was looking for stories about the great work being done by our volunteers. We wanted to acknowledge their dedication and effort.

We invited people to share their story and to tell us about:

  • Where they like to volunteer on DNR-managed lands.
  • How often they volunteer.
  • Why they volunteer. 
  • Do they volunteer with a group?
  • What kinds of work or projects have they accomplished?
  • Anything else they’d like to add about volunteering and why it’s important to you.

We collected stories Monday, January 31 through Monday, February 14.

Thanks again!

Rules for the conversation: The Washington State Department of Natural Resources does not allow swearing, inappropriate photos, political rants, promotional services, advertisements or the sale of products on this site. This is a place to share information about recreation volunteerism in Washington.

Please limit comments to 2000 characters or 400-500 words. Thank you.