This is an opportunity for people from all parts of our community to offer their ideas to DNR about a specific issue.  It also is a chance for people to examine the various points of view of the contributors. Generally, DNR will spotlight an issue for one week.

Each day a conversation starter will be posted on the forum to prompt deliberation about important aspects of the issue, and encourage a broad range of contributors to offer ideas. The DNR Forum will be monitored and the new offerings added online. Please read the ‘Rules for Participating in the Forum,’ and be courteous to other contributors.

Rules for the conversation: The Washington State Department of Natural Resources does not allow swearing, inappropriate photos, political rants, promotional services, advertisements or the sale of products on this site. This is not the place to try to provoke other contributors into an emotional response or otherwise disrupt normal on-topic discussion. This is a place to find and share information about important issues regarding the state’s natural resources that affect the people of Washington. Please limit comments to 2000 characters or 400-500 words. Thank you.

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